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Faery Lore

Though the setting could be almost anywhere in Great Britain, it can also be set in places that have a similar strong history and shared cultural ties. It has been said that some of these same Faeries and other forms of Wee Folk came over to North America and quietly inhabit the areas around us to this day.

The lore and traditions relating to Faeries can be found worldwide. Faeries come in all forms and sizes. Some are very powerful while others have modest gifts. Many can appear as any size or shape. Pixies are small, sprites are very tiny and yet there are some faeries that can ride a snowflake and become the size of a human whenever they wish.

The idea that faeries have wings is a concept that is not accepted everywhere. The concept of faeries with wings is reportedly Persian in origin. In fact, Celtic and Western Fey were wingless and generally human size. Our heroine, Fay Sprite explains: 'What some people thought were wings – is our energy –sometimes our emanations can be seen' .

'Some legends say that Faeries were originally angels that were caught in the middle of the great conflict in Heaven. When the condemned angels were cast out from heaven, there were these others who, loving the physical world became trapped in-between and were locked out as well. By their fundamentally good nature they were not evil enough for Hell and yet not good enough to be admitted to Heaven. As nearly immortal beings with various powers, they were left to exist and survive on the Earth and in the unseen realms. For an individual Faery, only a completely selfless and noble spontaneous act could possibly change this fate'. -Bill Breuer

'This class of stories is so widely spread, so matter-of-fact, hangs so well together, and is so implicitly believed all over the United Kingdom, that I am persuaded of the former existence of a race of men in these islands who were smaller in stature than the Celts;' - J.F. Campbell

The spelling of 'Faery': The traditional, common use, folklore historical spelling of Faery can be found over centuries. It was used by Edmund Spenser (dating back to 1580 in The Faerie Queen, metaphorically describing Queen Elizabeth the First.) This spelling is often used to refer to the Faerie Realm. There are many ways to spell Fairie some of these include Fairy, Faery, Faeree, Fairie, Fayerye, Fairye, Fayre and Feri. Others names for the Faeries include the Fay or Fae, The Little People and the Good Folk. Stravinsky wrote a wonderful musical composition called 'The Faery's (Fairy's) Kiss'.

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