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Over the centuries many ways have been reported to see the 'Wee Ones, 'Good Folk', 'Old Folk' and beings from the hidden 'Otherworld'... everything from the use of herbs, Faery Ointment, to looking through stones that into which nature carved a hole.

You can watch for signs of them, in certain tree groves, small circle patterns left in the grass, often in areas near their favourite flowers. Fay Sprite says, 'I can be seen by whom and when I want!', so in modern times it is usually up to them when and if it will happen. But occasionally, just at the right times, when the veil between the worlds is thin, you may catch a glimpse out of the corner of your eve that something is there - but when you suddenly look and its gone... you just may have seen a Faery nearby. Otherwise, we just have to leave it to them to show themselves to a lucky few!

A Faeryscope?
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