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A Fairy Tale Romantic Comedy ! A Synopsis

SYNOPSIS: "The Faery's Kiss" - a full length romantic comedy (adults and children can enjoy it) with a strong theme based in Celtic Fairy Lore.
When Thomas searches for his family roots he discovers that he's inherited small cottage on a hill in the British countryside that is rumored by the townsfolk to be haunted. Upon taking possession of the house he finds that it is inhabited not by ghosts but by a real fairy! Not the pixie or sprite of storybooks - she is a powerful, mischievous and sexy woman who does not want him there. She is actively protecting a secret that others are trying to steal.
While Thomas is trying to fit in with the townspeople of a new country, she continually interferes with his efforts by often remaining invisible to everyone else and keeps his head in a spin with delightful mischief played upon his visitors.... including a seductress and her accomplice who want to steal it all. With many plot twists the story has a surprising and unforgettable ending. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ THE CHARACTERS: Fay is a Faery - but appears as very attractive full grown woman who is very protective of the house and is suspicious of Thomas, the new owner, who inherited it from his Grandfather. Other characters: a lovable old housekeeper, an impish doctor, a deceitful lawyer and 'vamp' who is after the estate. Based on Fairy lore and classical literature, the show is full of special effects, humor, intrigue, unusual identity twists and plot turns!


A Modern Day Fairytale with memorable charm in the tradition of the movies and shows of the 1950s & 60s!

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