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Cast of Characters

A Full-length Play. 5 Females, 3 Males and a number of extras.


The Faery's KissHome Page

The Faery's Kiss provides wonderful opportunities for actors, director and crew to work with some special effects and stage magic. For the actors, it provides for a range of ages and allows for each of them to craft a performance with a range of emotions, motivations and physicality. Woven into the plot are elements of comedy, mystery, tragedy, romance, drama and fantasy with all the multiple character motivations that go with those themes. Different forms of comedy is distributed in the script among all of the characters.

The role of Fay Sprite is a unique opportunity for actors, who, due to their specific body type, age, and general 'look', don't have a large number of opportunities for lead roles where these factors are an advantage! Fay Sprite is youthful, high energy, self assured and gets to perform the entire spectrum of emotion and physicality that one doesn't often get to do in a career. It can even become a 'signature' role for some actresses!