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The Faery's Kiss - The Stage Play
- Official Website of The Fairy's Kiss Stageplay
(c) 2007

A Romantic Comedy Fantasy ! (c) by Bill Breuer

The Ancient Land of the Fey is still out there - and they still are among us!

"Faery Fair, O Faery Bright...
Come and be my Chosen Sprite!"

- Anne Jefferies, circa 1600s

"Come away, O human child!
To the waters and the wild
With a faery hand in hand..."

- Yeats

A full-length Romantic Comedy Stageplay in the Old Folktale Tradition and based on Celtic Lore.
SYNOPSIS: When Thomas searches for his family roots he discovers that he's inherited a small seacoast cottage that is rumored by the townsfolk to be haunted. Upon taking possession of the house he finds that it is not inhabited by ghosts but discovers the place is inhabited nightly by Fay Sprite - a normal looking woman who claims to be a Faery! Not the pixie sprite of storybooks - she is a powerful, mischievous and sexy woman who initially does not want him there. While Thomas is trying to fit in with the townspeople of a new country, she continually interferes with his efforts by often remaining invisible to everyone else and keeps his head in a spin with delightful mischief played upon his visitors.... including a seductress and her unscrupulous lawyer accomplice who want to steal a secret that she is trying to protect � and Thomas may be duped by them!
With many plot twists the story has a surprising and unforgettable, touching ending.

In 2005 the author became inspired by the Celtic Music of the Maritimes - the reels and melodies of this heritage that is so wonderfully preserved in this region along with the legends and stories of the all the reported hauntings in the area of New Brunswick and Maine. He also learned of legends of faeries reported by the Passamaquoddy indigenous people. Realizing that many of the stories of the 'wee ones' had come over to this part of the world along with the Celtic settlers and immigrants as well, this story began to manifest. Along the way he heard of more recent reports of "Fae Folk" - which only added to the possibilities for this modern tale.

Why the spelling of 'Faery'? The traditional, common use, folklore historical spelling of Faery can be found over centuries! Edmund Spenser used it (dating back to 1580) in The Faerie Queen, metaphorically describing Queen Elizabeth the First. This spelling is often used to refer to the Faerie Realm. There are many ways to spell Fairie some of these include Fairy, Faery, Faeree, Fairie, Fayerye, Fairye, Fayre and Feri. Others names for the Faeries include the Fay or Fae, The Little People and the Good Folk.

'Like the Kiss of a Muse... there's Magic in a Faery's Kiss!'

There are many traditional references of the useage: from Keats'(1795-1821)poetry to Stravinsky who wrote a wonderful musical composition called 'The Faery's (Fairy's) Kiss'. This spelling is commonly found among many groups and in the British Isles.
Additionally, there have been some works of art and sculpture entitled ' The Faery's Kiss'.

Though the locale of the story could be most anywhere,especially the British Isles, this play was conceived and written at the author's home in NB, Canada. The entire story was inspired by this marvelous setting with numerous mountains, overlooking a bay and an ocean and derived from the Celtic heritage that is so pervasive throughout the Maritime Provinces: New Brunswick,Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.(See 'Background Information', link below)

New Brunswick, Canada is known for its Celtic heritage. Irish immigrants brought many of their beliefs and customs to this region. It is also known for its ghosts and many other unexplained phenomena. Almost nightly a mysterious foggy mist arises from the bay and permeates the countryside creating a stillness. The area has dozens ghostly legends. But are all these strange sightings here and throughout the Maritimes "hauntings"? It is here, in a cottage overlooking the bay,located at a now forgotten location somewhere near the Town of St. George as you travel along the coast headed toward Chamcook that our story begins...

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